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Urban Earth Mother is committed to creating a more compassionate world sharing wisdom to build more resilient men and women.  It will evolve to become a collective place where wisdom, new and old, that was subordinated or lost, is updated or stripped back to basics and shared. 

It is the brainchild of Marie J. Taylor who, with a passion for learning, had always wondered how to create shortcuts for herself to go from inexperience to excellence in all aspects of life. 

Her study of human potential began in 1999 and she began to share the difference that makes the difference in peoples lives in 2003.  After becoming a mother she was inspired initially to share the difference that made the difference between the contrasting births of her two sons. 

Her journey through motherhood unleashed a desire to rectify the inequality she'd been blind to previously and to see women become better leaders in their homes, workplaces and communities as a route to help people increase their capacity for compassion and care for the planet without compromising feeling completely fulfilled and having exactly what they want.

Today it's an inclusive and open place for people to learn, share their own wisdom, and enable financial freedom.


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