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'for people short on time and attention span'

2020:  A year when it has never been more important to understand how to make birth easier, more relaxed and even enjoyable.

And... what you may not realise yet is that the experience we have at birth is also rich with situations that result in persistent patterns of behaviour throughout our lives - for us and for our children.

If you're feeling under prepared for giving birth and you need to rectify that in double quick time then this is the online course for you.

(Based on my book The Smart Woman's Guide to Giving Birth - on Amazon). 

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I'm Marie Taylor, mum of two, mindset coach and birth doula.  After experiencing a huge difference between the births of my first and second sons, I realised there was so much more I wish I'd known first time around. 

"the 42 things I wish I'd known became even more important"

With no family nearby to offer support and a career-minded head on my shoulders I was unknowingly missing a whole swathe of knowledge and strategies that help increase the likelihood of you having a calm, relaxed and triumphant birth experience. 

As I studied birth even more and married it with what I already knew about mindset patterns and how to change them so you change your life, sharing the 42 things I wish I'd known became even more important.

So I wrote it all down and put it in a book. Then I put it online for you here.

When wondering how best help people build mental and emotional resilience, I realised that the best place is to start at the beginning; at birth.  The experience we have at that moment is rich with situations that result in persistent consequences and patterns of behaviour we run during the whole of our lives.  Plus! Because each baby and birth is different, it feels new every time.

What you get

  • Practical, concise video classes organised in sections for mind, body and birth partner preparation.
  • 2 classes that lay the foundations for a holistic approach to preparing for birth
  • 6 subject areas each containing 7 key techniques or nuggets of wisdom

And the best part?

Some of the techniques take a bit of practice, but you can finish the classes and watch all the videos in under 2 hours 25 minutes.

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What you will learn:

You'll learn what makes a real difference when giving birth.

It uniquely includes:

  • The six areas that will assist you to create a positive birth experience.
  • Seven things in each area that aren't pieced together in any other birth preparation class.

That is FORTY TWO nuggets of wisdom:

  • Practical techniques to help you overcome obstacles and remove them in advance
  • Signposts that shorten your learning curve so you can feel ready in double quick time.

And to make it EVEN better:

  • I've stripped out the padding and the fluff so you can complete the videos and learn everything
  • giving you more time to IMPLEMENT and PRACTISE the new skills you learn.

Still not sure?

If you want to understand more detail about the journey we're going to take you on, you can get a list of all 42 things I wish I'd known about giving birth PLUS the first three questions in the foundation class FOR FREE. 

Where can you find this?  

Just pop over to Amazon and read the "look inside" section, the modules of this online course follows the order of contents from the book. It's all there, go and have a look before you decide to buy it.

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Birthfit Bootcamp is based on my 2019 book. 'The Smart Woman's Guide to Giving Birth'

For the free resources mentioned in the book click here.

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