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I started coaching quite by accident when I wanted to become better at  marketing and specifically copywriting.
This coincided with a car accident which steered me to learn about alternative therapies and how they help physical healing.

Over the last 20 years I have worked with people from all walks of life, from mums to military veterans, to help them get what they want, reach their potential or simply stop feeling weighed down by their past.

When my children arrived, two very different birth experiences sparked my curiosity about the impact that our birth has on our patterns of behaviour.  Once I realised the importance of birth I wrote a book sharing the key ingredients for a gentler beginning and therefore a more compassionate and emotionally regulated and mentally well world.

What People Are Saying


It’s made such a difference I won’t ever forget it. The kitchen cupboard routine really worked for me because it’s so visual. I’m more productive because now I just get on with it. At the beginning of December I had had enough of feeling stuck. Our session really helped me hear my own voice if that makes sense. Ten weeks on, I have kept up with my degree, homeschooling and organised two things for the local community. One was a quiz that had 40 teams and then a challenge for the local lego fans to make some thing as tall as you which raised £200 and reached over 50 kids. I’ve also collaborated with another local lady and we have set up a charity so we can do more things in the community that brings a smile to peoples faces. I’ve got more exciting things on the horizon too - stuff that I’d never dreamt doing before. 


"This is a great, easily accessible book full of bite-sized guidance and advice, golden nuggets of wisdom and practical tips and practices. If you’re short on time this is a perfect read for your commute or as a first introduction to birth and how to prepare for it."


Marie is brilliant at taking complex things and finding their simplicity, gently-yet-firmly and affectionately. From emotional blocks to concept confusion, she's able to zero in on exactly where shift needs to happen in order to support optimal progress toward a goal, facilitate a safe exploration of the shift, and identify the next simple steps in the right direction. Highly effective work!


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