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"The skillset without the mindset will leave you upset"


Knowledge of Mind & Wisdom of Soul

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The most important practical skills & the mindset to succeed.

Smart Woman's Guide to Giving Birth
A concise, straight to the point guide for expectant parents on how to prepare for giving birth.

NOW available as an online course! Go from zero to sixty in under 3 hours with topics that cover your mental, emotional and birth partner preparation as well as what's good to eat & when!

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Hi, I'm Marie

I founded Urban Earth Mother to help transform the mental wellbeing and resilience in men and women.  We do this by sharing shortcuts, techniques and an understanding of the whole you, past and present.  The outcome is that you have the mindset as well as the skillset to be, do or have what you truly want.

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Get clarity, generate energy, increase productivity, develop influence, grow courage and get the things in life you dream about with a map that leads to sustainable success.

Breakthrough Session
Take a full day to go deep and spring clean your mind of all the patterns of behaviour you don't want to have anymore.

If you've had your fingers burned by allowing your thinking to drown out your instincts or you're ready to rethink, reimagine and reinvent and begin a radical new chapter, then this is for you. 


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